Get Your DBA Name for Washington LLC in 2023 Without Breaking a Sweat

Are you planning on starting a business in Washington State? If so, you’ll need to choose a name for your LLC that’s unique and memorable. But what if you want to use a different name than the one registered with the state? That’s where a DBA (Doing Business As) name comes in handy.

In this article, we’ll guide you through the process of getting your DBA name for your Washington LLC without breaking a sweat. We’ll cover everything from understanding the basics of DBA names to filing with the Secretary of State and maintaining your chosen name.

By following our step-by-step instructions, you’ll be able to create a compelling and effective brand identity for your business all while staying within the legal requirements set forth by Washington State law.

So let’s get started!

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Understand the Basics of DBA Names

Don’t stress, let’s dive into the basics of DBA names so you can easily get your perfect name for your Washington LLC in 2023!

The term ‘DBA’ stands for ‘doing business as,’ which is a name used by a business other than its legal name. Using a DBA name comes with several benefits such as creating brand awareness and allowing businesses to operate under multiple names without registering separate entities.

However, there are some legal considerations when choosing a DBA name. First, it must not be misleading or confusing to consumers. Additionally, it cannot be too similar to an existing registered trademark or another company’s DBA name.

Washington state requires businesses to register their DBA names with the Secretary of State’s office and prohibits the use of certain words like ‘corporation’ or ‘incorporated’ in DBAs for non-corporate entities.

Now that you understand the basics and legal considerations of using a DBA name, it’s time to choose a unique and compelling one that represents your brand.

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Choose a Unique and Compelling Name

Selecting a distinctive and captivating name is crucial in establishing your brand as a Washington LLC owner. Your DBA name should represent your business’s values, vision, and mission.

Brainstorming techniques can help you come up with creative ideas for your moniker. Start by listing down keywords that describe your business and its products or services. You can also try using synonyms to make the name sound more unique.

Once you have a list of potential names, it’s essential to conduct market research to ensure that no other company is using similar names. This step is crucial to avoid trademark infringement issues that may harm your business in the long run. Market research will also help you determine if your chosen name resonates well with the target audience.

Choosing a unique and compelling name for your Washington LLC requires careful consideration and planning. Brainstorming techniques combined with market research can help you create a strong brand identity that stands out from competitors.

With an excellent DBA name in hand, the next step is filing it with the Washington Secretary of State to make it official without any hassle or stress involved.

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File Your DBA Name with the Washington Secretary of State

Now it’s time for you to take the next step and make your brand official by filing your DBA name with the Washington Secretary of State, giving your business the recognition it deserves. Before proceeding, make sure you’ve chosen a unique and compelling DBA name that reflects what your business stands for.

To check whether your chosen name is available, visit the Washington Secretary of State website and use their Business Name Search tool.

When filing for a dba name in washington as an LLC, there are certain requirements that must be met. Firstly, ensure that you’ve already registered as an LLC with the state before applying for a DBA. Next, prepare the necessary documents such as Certificate of Assumed Name form and Mail Service Agreement (if required).

It’s important to note that common mistakes when choosing a DBA include selecting names too similar to existing businesses or using generic terms which may not be distinctive enough.

Once all documents are prepared and ready for submission, file them online through the Washington Secretary of State Corporations Division website or mail them to their office address along with payment of required fees. After successful submission, wait for approval from the state which may take up to several weeks depending on workload.

In order to avoid any delays or rejection during this process, double-check all information provided before submitting your application.

Transitioning into our next section about “wait for approval,”remember that patience is key during this process as waiting times may vary. However, once approved by the state, you can begin using your new DBA name in all legal matters relating to your business operations within Washington state.

Wait for Approval

After submitting all necessary documents and fees, it’s important to exercise patience during the wait for approval from the state, which can take several weeks. During this time, it’s not uncommon to feel anxious or uncertain about the outcome of your application. However, understanding common reasons for DBA name rejections can help alleviate some of these concerns.

Some examples of reasons for rejection include names that are too similar to existing business entities or trademarks, names that are misleading or deceptive in nature, and names that contain profanity or violate other standards of decency. If your proposed name is rejected, you’ll have the opportunity to submit a new one at no additional cost.

So how long does it take to get a DBA name approved in Washington? The answer varies depending on a number of factors including current workload at the Secretary of State office and any issues with your application. In general though, applicants should anticipate a turnaround time of approximately 2-4 weeks. It’s important to note that rush processing is not available for DBA name approvals.

As we patiently await our approval from the state, it’s also important to start thinking ahead towards how we will maintain our DBA name once it’s been officially registered. We’ll cover this topic in more detail next.

Maintain Your DBA Name

As business owners, we need to be aware of the requirements for maintaining our DBA name.

Firstly, we must ensure that we renew our registration before it expires.

Secondly, we should regularly update any changes in our information such as address or ownership to avoid any legal issues later on.

Lastly, if we decide to terminate our DBA name, we must follow the proper procedures and inform all parties involved.

By keeping these key points in mind, we can successfully maintain our DBA name and protect our business identity.

Renewal requirements

To maintain your DBA name for a Washington LLC in 2023 without difficulty, it’s important to be aware of the renewal requirements.

The state requires that you renew your DBA name every five years, and failure to do so can result in consequences such as losing the right to use that name. It’s crucial to mark your calendar with the renewal deadlines and ensure that you complete the process on time.

Renewing your DBA name is relatively simple. All you need to do is file a renewal application with the Secretary of State’s office and pay the required fee. You should receive confirmation of your renewed registration within a few weeks.

Keep in mind that if there are any changes to your business information, such as address or ownership, you’ll need to update this information at the same time as renewing your DBA name. By staying on top of these renewal requirements, you can keep using your DBA name for years to come without any issues.

Updating your information

Don’t forget, it’s important for you to keep your business information up-to-date when renewing your DBA name in Washington every five years. Updating your DBA name involves notifying the state of any changes made to your business, such as a change in address or ownership. Failing to do so can have legal implications that could potentially harm your business.

When updating your information, ensure that all changes are accurate and complete. This will help prevent any issues with legal compliance down the line. It’s also a good idea to review all relevant documents and contracts to make sure they reflect the updated information.

By taking these steps, you can avoid potential legal issues while keeping your business running smoothly.

As you update your information, keep in mind that terminating your DBA name is also an important step in managing your business. Taking this action requires careful consideration of the legal implications involved and should be done only after consulting with an attorney or other professional advisor who can guide you through the process.

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Terminating your DBA name

If you’re ready to wrap up your business, terminating your DBA can be a crucial step in the process. While it’s not a complicated process, there are legal implications that need to be considered before you can officially terminate your DBA name.

Here are some important things to keep in mind:

  • Check with state and local regulators: Before terminating your DBA, make sure you’ve complied with all state and local regulations and procedures. Failure to do so could result in legal penalties or fines.
  • Notify customers and vendors: As part of the termination process, make sure to inform all customers and vendors about the change. This is especially important if you plan on continuing business under a different name.
  • File paperwork: In most cases, filing paperwork with the relevant authorities is necessary when terminating a DBA name. Make sure that all documentation is completed accurately and thoroughly.
  • Importance of branding: Consider how the termination of your DBA will impact your overall brand identity. If you’re discontinuing business altogether, this may not matter as much. However, if you plan on rebranding or starting a new venture down the line, maintaining consistency in branding may be crucial.
  • Finalize financial accounts: Before terminating your DBA name, make sure all financial accounts are closed out properly.

By following these guidelines and taking care during the termination process, you can ensure that everything is done correctly from a legal standpoint while also minimizing disruptions for any customers or vendors who have been working with your company under its previous name.


In summary, getting a DBA name for your Washington LLC in 2023 is a straightforward process that can be accomplished with ease. By understanding the basics of DBA names and choosing a unique and compelling name, you can file your DBA name with the Washington Secretary of State and wait for approval.

Once approved, it’s important to maintain your DBA name by keeping up with all necessary filings and renewals. With these simple steps, you can successfully establish your business under a new brand identity while remaining compliant with state regulations.

Don’t let the thought of obtaining a DBA name overwhelm you – follow these steps and you’ll have your new business identity in no time.

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